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Text Bands Review (Hallmark)

What It Is

With Text Bands, kids can send digital messages to their friends with a handshake, fist bump, or high five. Kids wear Text Bands like a watch. The bands are adjustable. Turn on the Text Band and use left and right buttons on the faceplate to scroll through the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols to create a 10-character message. When you want to select a character, press the center button. When your message is complete, hold the center button until your message scrolls across the Text Band's faceplate. To share your message with a friend, your friend must also be wearing a Text Band that is turned on. Either fist bump, high five, or shake hands with that friend, and your message will scroll across their Text Band. If they've written a message to you, it will scroll across your Text Band. Press the replay button on the side to view all of your collected messages. Text Bands hold 24 messages at a time. Once full, old messages will automatically be deleted to make room for new messages. You can delete messages yourself by holding down the left and right buttons, then pressing the center button to delete the message scrolling across your screen. However, turning off your Text Band deletes all the messages. Kids can also customize their Text Band with additional bands in different colors and themes, which are sold separately for $4.99 each. There are also a variety of Text Bands games that kids can learn to play at

Is It Fun?

Text Bands have a funky, chunky look, and kids will like that they can customize their Text Band in a favorite color, pattern, or theme with the additional bands. It's cool to watch your message "magically" appear on your friend's Text Band.

However, if your child has his or her own cell phone, they're not going to be impressed with the less sophisticated technology and 10-character limit of Text Bands. Scrolling through letters of the alphabet in order to "type" a message is tedious and time-consuming. In the minute it took us to make a 10-character message with only letters, a child could have typed one or two sentences on his phone and sent it off to a friend. But for younger children without cell phones, Text Bands can be used as an age-appropriate, easy, and fun introduction to "text messaging".

Who It’s For

Text Bands are for ages 6–12. These are really more for younger kids who don't have their own cell phones.

What To Be Aware Of

Two button cell batteries are included.

Text Bands have a bad word filter. So if a child tries typing in a bad word, they will see this message scrolling across the screen: "Not Okay"

Text Bands are not waterproof.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    2 Cell batteries required