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WWE Rumblers Apptivity Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Rumblers are Mattel's miniature wrestling figures based on superstars of wrestling. As stand-alone toys and in the Rumblers playsets, they've been very popular with preschoolers. The new WWE Rumblers Apptivity set brings the battle to an iPad. The basic set contains a Rumblers figure that sits on a base. Download the free app to your iPad and start it up. The app will recognize which figure you have by reading the configuration of contacts on the base. (You don't really need the figure to activate the play since what the app reads is the base, but using the figure adds to the fun.) There are two modes of play in the app: Training, in which you learn the various moves of the toy, and Exhibition, in which your toy takes on other opponents. The Training section has six different moves, each controlled by the way you move the base on the iPad screen. There is also an action button on the base that you have to press in some of the moves. Once you're ready, move to Exhibition mode to take on other wrestlers on an ascending scale of difficulty and point value. You can track your figure's career in the different championships, and the more you win, the more you unlock.

Is It Fun?

Kids who love the bashing, crashing play of the basic Rumblers figure will have a different play experience with this game. Playing with the app is much more like a video game, so the challenges rest in mastering the moves and beating the various levels to acquire points. The game is sophisticated enough that there is a lot to keep kids engaged over time. The play is basic, but satisfying for younger kids. And, of course, there's all the action of wrestling.

Who It’s For

WWE Rumblers Apptivity is for WWE fans ages 4 and up.

This is definitely for kids who have the patience to learn to play the game.

What To Be Aware Of

We recommend that you spend some time in the Training section as the moves can be a little complex to get the hang of. This game has a pretty steep learning curve, and it can take awhile to master holding the conductive finger contacts and pushing the action button. Younger kids may want to practice playing with just the base first without the figure attached.

Once you get it, play is pretty easy, but it does require fairly well developed fine motor control in holding the base and moving the figure, especially to master some of the more advanced moves.

When you attach the figure, make sure it's solidly connected to the base.

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