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LEGO Monster Fighters The Werewolf Review (LEGO)

What It Is

Monster Fighters is a new LEGO building theme based on classic horror fiction and films. The line contains many mythical creatures, but with The Werewolf set, kids can build and play with a scene for the werewolf. The story behind the set is that Major Quinton Steele has spotted the werewolf's moonstone under a tree. But as Steele jumps out of his hot rod to snatch it, the werewolf pounces on him from the treetops above. This 243-piece set includes two minifigures: Major Quinton Steele with a blunderbuss weapon and a Werewolf with glow-in-the-dark claws. Kids will build the hot rod and a tree scene complete with moonstone. The tree's top section opens and launches the werewolf when kids press on the lever.

Is It Fun?

The Monster Fighters The Werewolf building set has a great look to it that reminds us of classic horror films such as Frankenstein and Dracula. There is built-in action with the treetop launcher and lots of potential for imaginative, open-ended play.

Who It’s For

The Werewolf building set is for ages 7–14.

What To Be Aware Of

The launching mechanism doesn't send the werewolf minifigure traveling as well as it shows in the pictures on the box, which may disappoint some kids. We found this to be the case with other action-oriented LEGO sets in this line as well.

It took us about an hour to put together this set. The instructions were very easy to follow. No matter how long it takes you to put together this set, remember that building is part of the fun of LEGO.

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