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Robbin’ Eggs! Review (Haywire Group)

What It Is

Robbin' Eggs! is a game of math, memory, and luck. Roll the die and then turn over one egg at a time, trying to match the sum of the eggs with the number rolled. The player with the lowest score after five rounds wins.

To play, place the Robbin' Nest in the center of the playing area. Randomly place all 18 eggs in the nest with the numbers facing down. Shuffle the card deck and place it in the center of the nest. On your turn, draw a card from the nest and follow the directions on the card. The standard cards will have you rolling the die first and then turning over the required number of eggs in an attempt to get the sum of your eggs as close to the number rolled. After turning over the required number of eggs, record your score on the scorepad. If your sum is more or less than the number rolled, you receive penalty points equal to the difference. For instance, if you rolled a 12 and the sum of your turned eggs is 15, then you score three points. (15-12 = 3) If you match the rolled number, your score is zero.

All the blue eggs have positive numbers on the bottom. The green eggs have negative numbers. When you turn over a green egg, subtract its number from your total. It is possible to end with a negative number as your sum. If you rolled a 5 and your total sum is -2, you score 7 penalty points. (5- -2 = 7)

There are two types of special cards that can be drawn in the game. The Rob Card allows one player to take eggs from the nest when it's an oppponent's turn. If you draw a Scrambled Eggs! card, without looking at the numbers, mix up the location of as many eggs in the nest as you'd like.

Robbin' Eggs! comes with a Robbin' Nest, 18 Robbin' Eggs (12 positive-numbered blue eggs and six negative-numbered green eggs), 30 cards, a die, a score pad, and a pencil. The game is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

This game is a fun way to reinforce addition and subtraction as well as introduce kids to negative numbers. It also requires players to use memory skills to remember where the numbers are in the nest so they can strategically choose those numbers and try to match the number rolled on the dice. The Rob Cards and Scrambled Eggs! cards add some excitement to the game.

Who It’s For

Robbin' Eggs! is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If younger players don't quite understand negative numbers, they can choose to only turn over the blue eggs so only addition is involved.

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