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Big Squirt Review (Poof)

What It Is

The Big Squirt is a water-blasting toy that looks more like a snake than a traditional water blaster. To play, fill the Big Squirt up with water. Screw the adapter onto an outdoor faucet or hose. Insert the squirt tip into the hole in the adapter. Hold the tip firmly in the hole while filling. Make sure the clamp is open. With the clamp open, turn the water on. Do not allow the inner tube to twist or become kinked. Fill the Big Squirt until it is fully stretched, about 20 inches long. Close and lock the clamp. Open the clamp to squirt. Water will shoot more than 30 feet. To stop the water, close and lock the clamp again. Store the adapter on the rear of the Big Squirt so you don't lose it. The Big Squirt comes in a variety of colors. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This is an interesting new take on the classic water blaster. Once the Big Squirt is filled with water, it's pretty easy for kids to aim and shoot the water. The water does go really far, which is great for long-distance water battles.

Who It’s For

The Big Squirt is for ages 5 and up. Parents or older siblings will need to help fill the Big Squirt with water.

What To Be Aware Of

Before filling the Big Squirt with water, make sure the fabric cover is bunched evenly over the inner tube. Do not allow the inner tube to become twisted or kinked. If this happens, stop filling it with water, and slide the bunched fabric cover to the twisted area. Untwist the inner tube and continue to fill.

Do not squirt water at or near a person's face or head.

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