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Big Little Games Spurtle Turtle Review (PlayMonster)

What It Is

Big Little Games Spurtle Turtle is a matching game for one or more players. To start, apply the stickers to the smooth, blank side of the tokens. Mix up the tokens, and stack 10 face-down in each of the slots on the turtle. Press the button on the turtle's back to spurt out tokens. The player who pressed the button picks up the tokens and flips them over. If the pictures match, that player keeps the tokens. If they do not match, that player places them face-down on the playing surface. You can still use those tokens to find matches. Once all tokens are out of the turtle, and there are tokens left face-down on the playing surface, then players take turns turning over any two tokens looking for matches until all of the tokens have been matched. The player with the most matches wins. The turtle is also a convenient storage case for the tokens. Spurtle Turtle comes with a turtle token shooter, 20 tokens, a sheet of stickers, and rules.

Is It Fun?

Big Little Games Spurtle Turtle takes a classic matching/memory game for preschoolers and adds a little bit of action with the disc shooting mechanism.

Who It’s For

Big Little Games Spurtle Turtle is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It is recommended that adults apply the stickers to the tokens.

Though the game can be played by one person, we think it is more fun with at least two people.

We like the challenge that makes this a little different from traditional matching games because the discs can knock one another as they shoot out, which adds a little bit of challenge to the task of remembering where the discs are on the playing surface.

Other Big Little Games include Flingin' Frogs for ages 4 and up and Super Shooter Basketball for ages 5 and up. Each game is sold separately.

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