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Squinkies Crazy Crane Dispenser Review (Blip Toys)

What It Is

If you don't already know, Squinkies are tiny, soft and squishy characters that come in a surprise capsule. This type of toy was first popularized by the capsule vending machines you see in such places as grocery stores. And now, kids can have their very own vending machine for their Squinkies with the Crazy Crane Dispenser. True to Squinkies' vending machine inspiration, this toy resembles the kind of prize-driven claw machine, where you must grab a toy with the claw and carefully maneuver the toy to the dispensing chute to win it. With the Squinkies dispenser, open the cover to load the Crazy Crane Dispenser with Squinkies. The Squinkies must be inside their capsules. Replace the cover, then pull the lever to move the claw up and down and turn the knob to move the claw from left to right. Once you've grabbed a Squinkie, drop it in the chute. Then put a Squinkies coin (or penny or dime) into the coin slot and your Squinkies capsule will come out. The top of the dispenser can be used as a display/play space for 15 Squinkies. The Crazy Crane Dispenser comes with six exclusive Squinkies characters, six capsules, and four coins.

Is It Fun?

The Crazy Crane Dispenser adds a classic challenge to Squinkies play. Kids love taking their chances and testing their skills with full-size claw machines, even if they don't win all that often. They're much more likely to be successful with this one—and they can keep trying again and again. In addition to working on their claw machine skills, the dispenser is also a cool way to store and display their Squinkies.

Who It’s For

The Squinkies Crazy Crane Dispenser is for ages 4 and up. The style of the dispenser and the look of the Squinkies (wrestlers, monsters, cars) will most likely appeal to boys. But any child who is a Squinkies collector can fill the Crazy Crane Dispenser with their Squinkies.

What To Be Aware Of

Don't place anything other than Squinkies capsules in the dispenser. Do not place egg-shaped Squinkies containers in the dispenser. For best results, fill up the dispenser with no more than 10 Squinkies capsules.

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