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Doodle Cake Crayons Review (Alex)

What It Is

With Doodle Cake Crayons, kids can make crayons in the shape of cupcakes. The kit comes with eight colors of crayon crumbles that you place in the silicon baking mold. The crayon crumbles can be mixed or layered or you can make single-color crayons. Preheat a toaster oven, which is recommended, or a conventional oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the oven is preheated, place the silicon mold into the oven and bake for about eight minutes. When the crayon crumbles start to bubble, turn off the oven. Carefully remove the silicon mold from the oven and let the crayons cool. Once cool, push them out of the mold. Kids can then color with either a cupcake top or bottom. Kids can also recycle their old crayons and use the baking mold over and over again. Doodle Cake Crayons comes with a silicon baking mold, eight colors of crayon crumbles, a plastic spoon, a paper doily, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

This kit makes it easy for kids to create their own shaped crayons that work fairly well as an art utensil. The fun of this product is in making the crayons, and kids will like that they can reuse the kit with old crayons, or even new ones, to mix colors and mix and match cupcake tops and bottoms.

Who It’s For

Doodle Cake Crayons is for ages 6 and up.

It will appeal most to kids who like arts and crafts projects. The creation of the crayons is as much, if not more, fun as using them.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult supervision is required to operate the oven and to remove the silicon mold once baking is finished.

The silicon mold makes cupcake tops and bottoms separately. The finished product is not one crayon in the shape of a cupcake, but rather two crayons: a top and bottom.

Melting the crayons will not work in a microwave.

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