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Hit the Habitat Trail Review (Jax Games)

What It Is

In Hit the Habitat Trail, players roll the dice and move their habitat critters around the spiral stone trail on the game board. Collect two of each of the Habitat cards or as many Habitat cards as possible before one player reaches the end of the trail.

The game board includes eight sections representing a different habitat: arctic, wetlands, desert, forest, ocean, jungle, mountains, and grasslands. There are Habitat cards for each habitat, and those cards are stored in the custom cardholder, or Land Trust, as the game calls it. The deck of Knowledge cards and the deck of Wisdom & Consequence cards are placed facedown separately in a spot accessible to all players.

To start, each player chooses a habitat critter and takes one Habitat card of his choice. The first player rolls the dice and moves along the spiral stone trail the number of spaces shown on the dice. If the player lands on a blue space, he follows the instructions on that space. (Instructions could be to take a Habitat card or give up a Habitat card.) If the player lands on a blank space, the player to his left draws a Knowledge card and reads it to the first player. (Questions are multiple choice or true/false about the habitats and animals. For example, True or False? "The bald eagle is actually bald." It's false, by the way.) If the first player answers correctly, he wins a habitat card from the habitat his critter has landed in. If he answers incorrectly, the player remains on the trail where he has landed and then his turn is over. If the player lands on a Wisdom & Consequence space, that player draws a Wisdom & Consequence card and follows the instructions. A positive Consequence card allows a player to take a Habitat card from the Land Trust or roll one die to try to move forward on the board. A negative Consequence card asks the player to return one Habitat card that matches the habitat in which the player has landed. Wisdom cards give a player an extra Habitat card or the ability to exchange a card with another player.

Play continues until any player is the first to get his critter to the end and off the trail. The first player to finish wins one Habitat card of his choice. Any player who has collected two Habitat cards from each habitat is an Earth Steward, and that player is the winner of the game. If there is a tie, the player with the most Habitat cards wins. If no player is the Earth Steward, the player with the most Habitat cards wins.

Hit the Habitat Trail comes with a game board with eight habitats, habitat critters/playing pieces, Habitat cards, Knowledge cards, Wisdom & Consequence cards, dice, and a Land Trust custom cardholder. The game is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

Hit the Habitat Trail is a fun way to introduce kids to animals and their environments, along with ways to improve the many habitats on Earth. The board is colorful and beautifully illustrated and the critter game pieces are detailed to look like animals. Kids will like answering the interesting trivia questions, and parents will like that the content is educational. The game is fairly easy to play but challenging enough to keep older players engaged.

Who It’s For

Hit the Habitat Trail is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

When folding up the game board, make sure to follow the included folding instructions so you don't damage the board.

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